HUE LED Starter Kit - Philips.
HUE LED Starter Kit - Philips.

HUE LED Starter Kit - Philips

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One Light. 16 Million Colours.

 Change the way you see light. Play with tone, contrast, white light and a spectrum of color to create your ideal lighting mood. All from your smart device.

 The technology inside every Hue wireless LED bulb displays different tones of white light – from warm yellow white to vibrant blue white. And it can recreate any color in the spectrum. Hue light bulbs retrofit directly into your existing fittings. Just pick your preferred light fitting or lamps and screw the wireless bulbs in.

Connect up to 50 lights and control them on a smart device

 The Hue bridge is where all the clever stuff happens. It’s the ‘bridge’ between your bulbs and your smart phone app. And it can link up to 50 bulbs at a time. Once your light bulbs are installed, just download the free app to your smartphone or tablet. The first time it opens it’ll search for your bridge and connect to the lights. When that’s done, you can use the app to control your wireless bulbs.

Change the mood of your room

Philips Hue Lighting System allows you to customise the colours emitted from the light bulbs via your smart device. This allows you to alter the mood of a room depending on the requirement. Examples may be to illuminate the room in a company colour scheme or shift the mood from calm to energetic as needed.

Use the timer to set alarms and change your lights over time

 The timer function lets you gradually change your lights over time. Use them to turn Hue into your morning wake up call, bringing you out of sleep in a rather more pleasant way than an alarm clock. You can also use the timer to turn your lights off gradually, helping you fall asleep naturally.

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