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Philips Master Colour CDM-T 70W/942 - 70w NDL G12


Philips Master Colour CDM-T 70W/942 - 70w NDL G12

$41.80 including GST $47.90 including GST

Single-ended, very high-efficiency, long-life Ceramic Metal Halide discharge lamp producing crisp white sparkling light with high color rendering.

These units are not designed for 240v application, they must used in conjunction with the correct control gear to ensure you do not blow the lamp.

Not sure if you've got the right magnetic/electronic gear? Give us a quick ring to find out.

Colour Code
942  [ CCT of 4200K]
Lamp Luminous Flux (Nom)
7500 lm

Colour Designation

Cool White (CW)

Buy 5 and get free shipping to anywhere in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Not sure if you have the right globe? Just call us on 02 4722 3755. 

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