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Access Lighting has established relationships with many interior and exterior fittings manufacturers in Australia and globally. Click here for a list of fittings manufacturers that we recommend. 

If you find a fitting you like and wish to receive a quotation, simply e-mail us at sales@accesslighting.com.au


Know Your Brand

Given that lighting is an electrical product, it is very important to ensure that the product you are purchasing is safe. Our company only supplies reputable and trusted lighting brands at very affordable pricing. Access Lighting have earned a solid reputation for providing Australian businesses and trades with the best support, best advice and best lighting products - all at great wholesale prices.

Know Your Base

One of the most common problems people have with their purchases is buying the wrong lighting base. The attached is a reference chart to assist you. If you have questions or are unsure of which base is appropriate, simply contact us for assistance.


Know Your Colour

Picking the right colour can make a significant difference to the mood of the room that you are illuminating. 


Know Your Power Consumption

 LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency that is several times better than incandescent lamps, and significantly better than most fluorescent lamps, with some chips able to emit more than 100 lumens per watt. This results in a significant cost saving to the user through a reduction in energy consumption. 



Similar to LED lights, compact fluorescent lamps can be produced in a range of colour temperatures and provide significant energy savings compared with incandescent lamps.



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