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Install & Fix

Installations - Commercial & Residential

With 28+yrs experience as an electrical contractor in the Sydney market Robert has run projects large and small.  Sometimes solo right up to large switchboard upgrades leading a team of many electricians connecting to the street’s supply. We are now able to sell you your fittings and install them for you easily, simply and hassle-free.  We don’t charge a huge call out fee and our hourly rate is very reasonable.  We can also quote your job via the phone and email if this helps and speeds things up for you.  This is currently only for the Sydney Basin and Blue Mountains right out to Bathurst and sometimes further.  For larger or more complex jobs we can offer an obligation free quote for the work and schedule it in once the work has been given the go ahead.


Commercial LED Upgrades & Solar Projects

Located in Western Sydney, Access Lighting delivers complete end to end service – that is “supply and install” of energy efficient projects under the Government’s NSW Energy Savings Scheme.  We usually provide an upfront discount to help fund the ESS project (both LED Lighting Upgrades and Solar Projects). Thereby reducing businesses capital outlay and improving return on investment periods.  Sometimes the project pays for itself withing 12-18mths and yr on yr after that the savings are delivered to the bottomline for at least 3+yrs maintenance and hassle-free.  We also manage ongoing maintenance if by chance there’s a faulty in the batch we will cover under a warranty period of 3-5yrs typically depending on the product used or application.

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Fix & Repair Work

Certified by our electrician Rob with 28+ yrs experience and repairs can be "tested and tagged" for very little investment.

Have you got a favourite fitting that needs repair?  Perhaps a fan that needs an LED conversion kit instead of the old fluorescent circular T5 globe…?  Or a table lamp that needs a couple of improvements to restore it to it’s former glory…?  Look no further for a small hourly rate we can easily fix some of these issues you may be faced with.  Even better; if you bring it into our store, we can oftentimes do it for much less than it would cost to replace the entire fitting…  This service is particularly helpful when you are needing one fitting fixed and it needs to be the same as the others already in situ (on site or in position - especially where the others are visible or for aesthetics).  Sometimes it’s simply easier to fix than replace but sometimes businesses or individuals think replacement is their only option.  If there’s anything you need to replace like whole sections of downlights that may be a fair quantity or may qualify for a “bulk order” discount - please contact us for further assistance on sales@accesslighting.com.au.

Please Note: If you can’t find what you want here on our website currently please remember we are a wholesaler and we can help you with any manufacturer's globes, fittings and accessories. We are also keen to help you with discounts for larger orders and great pricing for individuals and companies alike.

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