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Why you should consider using LED panels in your next build

32w led panel led panel led troffer s9714 panel

Energy efficient and maintenance-free, LED (light emitting diodes) light panels are a tremendously popular lighting option for new home builds and renovations, proving to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting fixtures.

Available recessed or surface mounted, LED panels are used in a range of buildings including home interiors, restaurants, hotels, and cafes due to the fact that the lights offer a higher brightness than ordinary fluorescent lamps and traditional lighting.

While there are plenty of reasons to jump in and experience the benefits of LED, it’s important to be aware of the range of benefits the panels offer to residential and commercial property owners.

Features of LED panels are outlined below:

Flexible design options - with a range of different shapes, lines and lighting effects, the LED panel can be used to create a range of design looks based on the needs of the commercial or home environment.

Multiple brightness - LED lighting panels offer a range of highly efficient lighting options that offer a higher brightness than traditional lighting panels. The panels are embedded with sealed reflective panels which offer increased illumination and can be dimmed to suit environments.

No UV or IR radiation - the panels are UV and IR radiation free providing a safe environment free from emissions. The panels are mercury-free, this also allows the panels to be easily recycled as required.

Environmentally friendly - the panel lights are eco-friendly and cost effective for both commercial and residential users. The carbon emissions are lower and maintenance is significantly reduced, contributing to a light fixture which reduces power consumption, conserves natural resources and contributes to less waste in landfill.

Long life & maintenance free - LED lighting has a service life of 50,000 hours in theory, which if you are using lights 8 hours per day means that lights can last almost 15 years! 

Lower lighting costs - LED rely on a reduced amount of energy to power the light panels, which contributes to low power consumption and a reduction in energy costs.

LED lighting panels transform a space and are designed to perfectly compliment any residential or commercial area by offering bright or dimmed illumination partnered with environmentally friendly and cost efficient lighting solutions.

Sunny Lighting Australia's S9714 Panel is increasingly popular and now under $100.

Access Lighting has a range of LED lighting available including the super slim 32w LED panel from Sunny Lighting Australia, which offers a range of benefits including extruded aluminum frames, powder coated finish plus available in warm white, cool white and daylight colours.

To tap into a wide range of benefits of LED, speak with the team from Access Lighting today or order via the website

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