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Transform your home with fabulous festoon lighting


Festoon lighting can transform the home or office and sets the perfect mood in any space. From vintage rustic chic to country provincial, this lighting solution will create the perfect ambience that you desire.

These decorative light chains can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces as well as in corporate spaces to add a unique and stylish edge to decor.

Inside the home, festoon lighting can be placed over a desk, shelf or around a mirror. They can also be zig-zagged across the ceiling of a room to add a touch of whimsical style and glamour.  

If you’re looking for a special something to enhance your outdoor area, festoon lighting can also be placed overhead to transform a backyard space or illuminate a patio, porch or deck. Festoon lights are perfect for dressing up any area for a special occasion including a wedding when the lights can be placed sweeping across gazebos or other entertaining areas to outline the space and create a particular mood.

Festoon lighting is easy to set up with various length cords available which make them so versatile that the sky is the limit! There are a range of different bulb options to suit your lighting requirements and to ensure that your function or space has the lighting effect you desire.

Festoon lighting creates a visually charming atmosphere and the lighting style is regularly featured on popular Australian home and design TV shows ‘Better Homes and Garden’ and ‘The Block’.

Festoon lighting solutions are available to purchase online at, or you can contact the team at Access Lighting for more info.

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