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Top tips for decorating a house with pendants

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Pendant lights are certainly not the new kid on the block, but it's safe to say they've undergone a bit of a resurgence in recent times. As more people are renovating and refurbishing, the light fixture which hangs from a rod or cord is fast becoming top of the shopping list for the interior designer.

With the ability to alter the whole ambience of a room; pendants are an extremely sophisticated addition to the family home or business. Pendant lights are available in an extensive range of shapes, colours and sizes which means they can be suited to any taste or design theme.

With so much choice in pendant lighting, it can be hard to decide which style or material will suit your home so rather than get overwhelmed; we've put together some tips for those of you who are looking to get creative and decorate your homes with a pendant.

Decide the purpose of your pendant
While ‘to lighten up a room' may seem like the obvious answer, there are more reasons that you should consider. Are you purchasing a pendant simply for overall illumination or is it for a work environment where stronger lighting needs to be installed?
For a gentler illumination, choose a fabric pendant and for a business light, choose acrylics or glass which will ensure that the optimum light is emitted.

Pick the right bulb to suit the atmosphere
If it's for overall illumination, don't forget to opt for a pendant which can house the types of bulbs that you need; the bulbs are just as important to ensure that the appropriate atmosphere is achieved.

Determine the size of the area
Another point to consider is where you'll be hanging the pendant. Having too small a pendant in a large room will be just as detrimental to the overall theme as having a pendant that's too big for a small room. The former will get swallowed up in the space; the latter will look untidy.

Cluster your pendants
If you have a large area, clustering pendants together at different heights looks great and creates a unique feature for your room.

Choose the right height light
Just as important as the size, is the height you should hang your pendant. You can decide this before purchasing your light. If your pendant is hung too low, it will obscure your view and is a potential hazard (well, for the tall people!) If a pendant isn't low enough, it will look no different to a standard shade and the effect will be lost.


CLA's Bonito Pendant is a highly popular pendant in a polished nickel and taupe finished wood finish.

With so many variances in style, size and theme, it's important that you choose the right pendant to meet your needs. Failing to do so will leave you with an ill-fitting product which will water down the powerful effect that a pendant can have in a room. If you're unsure of the best pendant for your house, please contact the team from Access Lighting today for an informal chat or log on and view our extensive range of lighting options online at

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