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Product Review - RDC08 Resiled Downlight - Trend Lighting

RDC08 Resiled

Downlights are an attractive lighting option for homes, offices, restaurants and a wide range of different spaces. They provide general, ample light as well as task lighting which allows lights to be placed over work areas such a kitchen benches and office desks.

LED downlights are an excellent, low heat, energy efficient, cost effective lighting solution that offer a long life and are simple and easy to install. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights will rarely if ever need to be replaced, allowing an enormous amount of creative installation options for property owners and electricians.

The 8.5w LED Resiled Downlight from Access Lighting is a flexible lighting option that can be tailored to suit the needs of any space. The downlight features a single LED COB and offers a popular 92mm cut-out that is ideal for replacing existing halogen downlights. With a warm white colour temperature of 3000k this versatile downlight can be tailored to suit the space.

The light is available in white, black or silver, so you can match your décor with your lighting fixtures. The light has a high colour rendering index of 80+ and a high lumen output of 1030lm.

The 8.5w LED Resiled Downlight is a dimmable LED light with provides greater efficiency and longer life than compact fluorescent lamps. It also offers a beautiful light quality that you would expect from an incandescent.

For more product information visit the Access Lightning website to see the 8.5w LED Resiled Downlight and the extensive range of other downlights available.

If you’re looking to save money and gain access to an extensive range of lighting products all via the web, jump online and scroll through the range on the Access Lighting website today.

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