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Product in Review: Rapidstart Fluorescent Tubes

Rapid Start Fluorescent Rapidstart Tubes TL RS Tube

Looking for a fluorescent tube that starts up quickly so you’re not waiting around for a light to slowly flicker on to illuminate your space?

The Rapidstart fluorescent tube lighting system is an innovative system that allows for a speedy lighting option for classrooms, offices and areas that need full light quickly.

The key to the lighting system is the absence of a starter. Instead there is a low and current flow of current that filters through the light at all times so that when the light is switched on it is ready to go without delay.

Rapidstart fluorescent tubes are affordable to run, and while the low current means they are operating and running at low current consistently, the absence of a starter means that the lights work rapidly, and this lowers the electrical resistance of the gas and encourages the lamp to become brighter.

The average lamp life of these types of tubes is around 10,000 hours, and the tubes are available in a wide range of wattage, colours and voltage.

Ideal for commercial applications and Rapidstart control systems, this tube is a convenient and affordable option for commercial installations where bright and instant lighting is required.

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