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LED Tubes

A great way to save money on your lighting...  Fluorescent tubes are ok for certain  applications but whenever you need a long-lasting tube you cannot go past LED these days...  Their lifespan is approx 30,000 hours and with LED technology becoming cheaper and more efficient it's really the way to go now.

These are reliable and can be utilised in 2ft (600mm) or 4ft (1200mm) lengths as below...


LED tubes are now becoming increasingly popular. Sunny Lightings 18w T8 replacement tube is able to act as an LED replacement for the 36w T8 standard fluorescent tubes and is easily swapped when upgrading the tubes.


• Fit new T8 LED light or retrofit T8 flourescent light

• High efficiency >90lm/W

• 320º wide beam angle

• Full glass body with shatter proof coating

• Built-in LED driver

• G13 lamp base

• No flicker, instant start

• IP20 suitable for indoor use only

• 2000 lumens!

Something that must be noted with this product is that it has both the ability to run from a pre-existing fluro ballast or can be wired directly into the mains, however in both instances, the included fuse must be wired into the fitting.

Installation Guide can be downloaded here:


IMPORTANT WARNING The luminaire that these LED tubes are installed in may need to be converted in accordance with AS/NZS60598.2.1:2014 by a suitably qualified person. In all instances any capacitors must be removed from the circuit.

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