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LED Globes - why they're a popular choice for new builds and lighting upgrades

In recent years, energy use for households, in particular, has increased rapidly due to the construction of larger homes and the significant increase of light fittings per home.

The demand for lighting means an increase in both energy needs and also running costs, which has lead to a sharp trend towards the take-up of LED lighting to reduce demand for energy and lower energy consumption.

The introduction of efficient and cost-effective lighting technologies such as LED has enabled Australians to make a smarter lighting choice and tap into tremendous cost savings.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) globes are energy-efficient and use considerably less power (watts) per unit of light generated and remain cool, unlike common incandescent bulbs that get hot and heat up a room.

A significant feature of LED’s is that they are long-lasting, with some LED globes lasting 50,000 hours of use. LED globes last up to ten times longer than a compact fluorescent, saving users money on replacement costs and allowing for a range of creative lighting options for property owners.

LED globes are solid and hold up well to jarring and bumping. Being durable means these bulbs are a practical option for homeowners and family homes, where children, animals and day to day wear and tear is likely.

A practical solution for new homes and retrofits, LED globes are without doubt the leading energy efficient lighting option and offer a huge range of benefits to users. LED globes are as affordable as the traditional compact fluorescents, making them a serious contender for new lighting installs and upgrades.

If you’re a homeowner or electrician looking to install lighting in your property, consider the wide variety of benefits of LED globes and start saving both the environment and your energy costs.

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