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How to choose the perfect downlights for your house

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Building or renovating your home isn’t just about colour schemes and furnishings; every last detail needs to be considered and none more so than your light fixtures. The fittings that you choose have the potential to make or break the whole ambience of your home as well as providing a clear functionality, so it's important that you make the right choice.

Downlights are light fittings which sink into the ceiling. They're contemporary, stylish, long-lasting, and being an available home for the LED bulb, they're also extremely energy efficient.

With one LED bulb providing an approximate 5 years or 50,000 hours of ongoing use, it is no surprise that homeowners in their droves are now weighing up the benefits of the difference in initial price outlay and selecting the energy efficient downlights for their home.

There are a range of things to consider to make sure you make the most suitable purchase for your environment. Access Lighting’s top tips for choosing the perfect downlights include:

Consult with an expert ahead of deciding on your lighting installation

This is particularly important if you don't already have downlights and you're looking to redesign an existing light structure. If you're looking for downlights to carry out a certain function such as highlighting a unique feature, a professional advisor will be able to guide you on the direction and installation of downlights to meet those needs.

If you're only looking for them to light up a room; you must consider fire regulations and electrical safety. There should be ample space between fitted downlights and flammable materials such as wood or insulation, so it's important that you choose a product suitable for the design of your home.

Choose low energy bulbs to get the most cost effective option for your space

Apart from looking good, another significant positive of the downlight is that they can be powered by LED bulbs which are energy efficient. Choosing the wrong light is a wasted opportunity to make a positive difference to the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and save in long-term financial outlay.

Pick the perfect colour for your environment

LED downlights are available in cool white, warm white or daylight. Cool white should be utilised in an environment where you have to pay attention to detail (such as a kitchen or office), and warm white is more commonly used to create ambience. It is entirely up to personal choice which colour you choose however make sure you're consistent from room to room. A combination of different coloured bulbs won't create the desired finish.

Decide whether you want fixed or gimbal lights

A fixed downlight sits in the ceiling and can't be adjusted, a gimbal downlight sits just below and has the option to change the direction of light so you can focus the dedicated light to a fixed area. Gimbal downlights are particularly useful in bathrooms or small rooms where you need to change the direction of lighting.

Figure out if your space needs lights that are weatherproof

Downlights are a great, modern addition to any outside entertainment area. Always check that the downlights you're installing are suitable for outdoor use.


Ensure your lights are positioned correctly to optimise the lighting in your space

For a large room, consider spacing downlights out evenly to ensure an equal spread of light throughout the space. For smaller rooms, make sure that you don't put too many in to avoid cluttering your ceiling.


Trend Lighting's Resiled product has shown to be a popular downlight due to its nice finish and recessed LED chips.

Installing downlights in your home will enhance the look of any area, reduce long-term costs associated with electricity and improve energy efficiency.


Contact the team from Access Lighting today to gain access to an extensive range of professional advice to ensure that you're making the right purchase to suit your needs.



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