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Benefits of LED high bays for commercial and industrial properties

Benefits of LED high bays for commercial and industrial properties

LED high bay lights combine clever modern lighting technology with tremendously functional design to offer a unique lighting solution that offers high performance paired with energy efficiency.

High bay lights are the perfect solution for a range of commercial, industrial, warehouse and residential situations, offering a modern look teamed with long product life and superior lighting performance.

Traditionally an industrial lighting fixture, high bay LED lights can be used for a range of environments and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of all environments.

While the lights can be used in indoor sports or recreations centres, factory units, commercial environments and warehouse conversions, they’re also equally suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses where owners are seeking a safe and energy efficient lighting solution.

LED high bay lights are unique due to their ability to be installed 20 feet or higher, which offers a range of opportunity for properties with high ceilings and challenging installations.

The high bay lights offer a range of benefits for property owners including:

- Variety of lighting patterns - LED high bays can be installed in a range of designers to fit the needs and lighting design needs of the property.

- High energy efficiency - the lights operate energy efficiently and deliver a 70% saving to your traditional energy bill. Over the life of the fixture, the light will deliver tremendous cost savings for commercial properties and bring down the overall running costs of a business or industrial property.

- Reduced maintenance - all lighting fixtures are backed by a guarantee and require virtually no maintenance for the life of the fixture. Reduction in maintenance means that there is an increase in safety for property owners and maintenance crews providing asset management.

- Long life - LED high bays have a predicted life of between 70,000 and 200,000 hours based on output, which can be around 30 years for each bulb.

Whether you need lighting for your storage area right through to your aircraft hangar, LED high bays offer a range illumination options from lighting panels to luminaire style lights to meet your exact lighting requirements.

LED’s are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties as they offer environmental and cost savings plus superior lighting options for building owners. The lights surpass traditional lighting fixtures used in commercial and industrial properties including metal halide, fluorescent, HID and high-pressure sodium fixtures.

If you’re a homeowner or builder looking for the perfect lighting fixtures for your commercial or industrial property, look no further than Access Lighting for all of your wholesale LED lighting requirements. Speak with one of the team today or visit the website www.accesslighting.com.au to view the range of LED high bays available.
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