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Emergency and Exit Lighting

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Under The Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2010, businesses are required to have emergency lighting systems installed. 

Compliance with the National Construction Code is verified for the level of illumination for safe evacuation in an emergency, when the emergency lighting system satisfies the requirements below:

(a) The calculated horizontal illuminance is not less than

  •  (i) 0.2 lux at floor level in the path of travel to an exit; and
  • (ii) 1 lux at each floor level or tread in every required—
    • (A) fire-isolated stairway; or
    • (B) fire-isolated passageway; or
    • (C) fire-isolated ramp; or
    • (D) non-fire-isolated stairway; or
    • (E) non-fire-isolated ramp.

(b) The emergency lighting provides a level of illuminance not less than—

  • (i) 10% of that required by (a) within 1 second of energization; and NCC 2015 Building Code of Australia - Volume One Page 266 EV4.1 SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT
  • (ii) 80% of that required by (a) within 15 seconds of energization.

(c) The full level of illumination required by (a) must be achieved within 60 seconds of energization.

(d) An emergency lighting system must operate at not less than the minimum required level of illuminance for not less than 90 minutes.

Got all that? Maybe not - but your local electrician will likely know exactly what needs to be done. Make sure you work with them when doing a job like this (but you can always buy your products directly here of course)

So then, what are some common Emergency Lighting systems that exist?

LED Spitfires

Spitfires are effectively emergency lights which are activated when the power is cut to the building, allowing for an LED light to switch on (via battery). This allows for a safe exit from the premises.

They can be a recessed downlight (like the one above) or they may be surface mounted.

Exit Signs

We all know these. They seem to be everywhere. There actually is quite a variety of exit signs available. Here are a couple:

Recessed Blades

The recessed blade is a slim and elegant way to meet your statutory safety requirements. These are manufactured by several companies including Thomas and Betts.



Standard Surface Mount


These are probably the most common version as they are cheaper and they are just as effective. You can find these from many manufacturers including Thomas and Betts and Evolt

Twinspot Light

These are really ideal for warehouse floors and other areas where a lot of light output is needed. Again you can find many manufacturers but this particular brand shown above is Thomas and Betts


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