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LED Panels to replace Fluorescent Troffers and Diffusers

EO-EVO-ILT-40W fluorescent replacement led diffuser panel led panel led replacement for fluorescent LED t8 led troffer PANEL1a-CW PANEL1a-DL s9714 sunny lighting LED panel troffer led replacement

Fluorescent troffers are a well established site in most office and commercial spaces. Fluorescent troffers which take tubes (typically T8 or T5 tubes) are a highly cost effective way to light up large areas.

The last few years have seen a lot of development with LED Lighting technology which offer considerable savings if moving from incandescent and halogen lamps and some savings if moving from fluorescents. Fluorescent tube fittings such as diffusers have been (and still are) a more cost effective way to light up office spaces, though as the LED technology improves, many businesses are now starting to look into the viability of having LED panels as a replacement. 

Why Consider LED Panels

There's no doubt, they are more expensive with the initial capital outlay (typically A$80-A$130 depending on the quantity and quality). There are a few reasons to look at it:

- Panels should have a useful life for a good five or six years depending on the amount of time they are spent on;

- They typically come with at least three years warranty which gives the customer a lot of confidence that they won't lost the cost savings;

- A typical fluorescent diffuser will take 2 tubes, often 36 watts each. Meaning that the fitting is using 72 watts in energy. Most diffusers are around 32 watts to 40 watts meaning that you are effectively halving your energy cost in using these products.

A Few Examples

You can click here to look at the full range. Below is a bit of a summary of some of the products currently on the market.

32 Watt LED Panel - Sunny Australia

This product is effectively a plug and use LED Panel. It offers a lumen output of 2400lm - 2770lm and comes in a warm white, cool white and daylight colour temperatures. View more here.

40w Integrated LED Troffer - EO Lighting

This product has an LED pole which shines light into the troffer which then reflects back out into the room. It has a lumen output of 3556lm and is also available in warm white, cool white and daylight. View more here.


40w LED Panel - CLA Lighting



CLA Lighting's 40w LED Panel comes in white and silver finishes and has lumen outputs from 3000lm to 3260lm depending on the colour temperature. It's available in warm white, cool white and daylight. View more here.

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